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3 years ago
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I have to say that the BATH BOMB PRESS is by far one of the most USEFUL and VALUABLE pieces of equipment we use in our bath product business. Before purchasing the BATH BOMB PRESS, we tediously pressed ingredients into individual molds and they did not always turn out as desired. It was frustrating not only to waste time, but also product! Using the BATH BOMB PRESS has enabled us to produce PROFESSIONAL looking and QUALITY bath bombs that are ready to package in a very short period of time. The end product is consistent and predictable. As an added bonus, customer service is SPECTACULAR and PROMPT. If you are looking to bring your business to the next level - the BATH BOMB PRESS is a must!
2 years ago
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I am so delighted that we went ahead and purchased the Bath Bomb Press for our business. We have been pressing bath bombs in stainless molds for years. The lack of efficient production has been the reason we have only offered bath bombs in seasonal collections, and not in our regular line up. Plus, they were quite expensive due to the time they took to make! Now, we can press bath bombs in a fraction of the time and are able to offer a year round, regular collection at a reasonable price.
It did take us quite a while to figure out the mixture ratios for using the press, our hand pressing recipes did not work and location and humidity play such a huge role, that tips and tricks really didn't help us. We had to learn by trial and error but once you get there, it is great. We found that our mixture has to be a lot drier to work. We were also getting flat spots that would crop up before the bomb could set rock hard even when allowing to dry on a waffled mattress pad (purchased for bomb making). We now use a heating pad/electric blanket to set the bottoms up a lot quicker to avoid this, in addition I called the company and received tremendous support! I was advised to pack more mixture into the molds to create a denser bomb to help avoid the flat spots.
So we got it all worked out and are churning out bath bombs like crazy!
I will also add that the press seems to make a bomb that fizzes longer and better in the bath. I think because the bomb is so tightly packed. The bombs work great!
I do recommend that you buy as many molds as you are able. Trust me, once you get going, you want to make as many shapes and sizes as possible because it is fun.
Thank you Bath Bomb Press!
2 months ago
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What a great investment! I had some difficulty figuring out the right recipe to use, as pressing by hand and pressing via bath bomb press are different, which I found out 3 failed batches later, lol. I emailed Lee with my frustration, she was amazing at getting back to me so quickly and letting me know step by step what to do, she also sent several helpful videos on the press. Now, all my bath bombs come out beautiful as well as my shower tablets.
Product is FANTASTIC, customer service is FANTASTIC.
2 months ago
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I am new to this Board.  I would LOVE to see and touch a bath bomb press.  Is there anyone in Utah that has one that  would be wiling to let me come watch and ask questions as you use it?
In late December I will be traveling through Idaho, Washington and Oregon, so those states might work if the timing is right. Colorado is also a possibility.
The Rock Gardner
M. Gardner