Saturday, April 21, 2018 3:23:55 PM

Air Compressor

one year ago
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What type of air compressors would work? Is there an optimal pressure to be at?
one year ago
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The max psi should be no more than 100psi. :)
one year ago
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I just purchased the: Kobalt Quiet Tech 1-HP 4.3-Gallon 125-PSI 120-Volt Twin Stack Portable Electric Air Compressor

I can't imagine having a regular air compressor going on and off in an enclosed room, they are so loud. This Kobalt Quiet Tech is around 60 decibels, about 1/2 as loud as a regular air compressor. It works great!  
10 months ago
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Have you had any problems with the Quiet air compressor. I'm going to purchase it this week!

Thanks in advance!
10 months ago
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I think that one would work as well.
9 months ago
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I also just bought the kobalt quiet tech because I'm working in such a small area I didn't want a loud one. It's perfect, great size, not loud at all, has wheels for portability and can work for anything else around the house if needed!