DENTED - Bath Bomb Curing Tray - Medium Round (2 3/8")

These curing trays have one corner cavity that has a slight dent! These were made in error by the manufacturer. If you do not fill the entire tray to cure, this is the tray for you! No more flat bottoms! This curing tray will hold 40 medium round bath bombs to cure.
SKU: 61989800947

This curing tray will hold 39 medium round bath bombs to cure.


The custom size of the tray is 15.75" x 23 5/8".  It is coated to keep your bath bombs smooth and hold it's shape.  The trays are same as commercial baking trays and are made of commercial grade aluminum metal.  The weight of the tray is 2.5kg/5.5lbs and will hold the weight of a full tray of bath bombs.