Why Buy From Us?

Purchasing The Bath Bomb Press for your business is an investment.  We know there may be other options out there for you.  We would like to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.  We have been in business over 7 years now and are so proud of the business we grew from one idea of need.  The following things you should concider when making a choice of purchase.


How many years in business?

This would be the most important part of your search and decision.  There are so many claims out there that they are the 'best' and 'leader' in the industry.  The Bath Bomb Press has been in business for 7 years and we would like to say that we are one of thre leaders in the industry.  We have proven success over the years and many customers growing and we are growing with them. 

Equipment Construction?

This is also one of the most important parts of your purchasing decision.  The Bath Bomb Press does not have any parts 'welded together' parts or need aligning to press.  Back mounted designs will also lose the alignment over time as it will start to bend the frame(s) with continued use/pressing.  Welding something together does not make it stronger, it will make it weaker.  Also, can corrode with the bath bomb mixture over time.  With our equipment construction, the continual pressing will stay in alignment with from the top of the mold to the bottom of the mold.  We have many customers with over 1 million bath bombs pressed with one machine and still going strong.  

Setting Up?

The Bath Bomb Press comes assembled!  Each machine is tested prior to shipping.  We DO NOT have any guides to adjust or move when you are setting up your mold(s) to press.  This will eliminate wasted time trying to set up when switching from mold to mold.

Warranty Claims?

When you are doing your search, be sure to check out warranty claims.  Anyone can claim that they offer a 'lifetime' warranty but can they stand by it?  We offer a one year included warranty with optional up to 5 year warranty on the moving parts of The Bath Bomb Press.  We can offer this as we have proven success in business!

All parts on any machine can last up to 5 years and may be longer depending on use.  No part of any machine will last you a 'lifetime'.


Be sure that you can make payment by Credit Card or PayPal.  Credit Card and PayPal fees are all part of doing business when you are in business.  If a company is asking you for a cheque or cashier's cheque prior to shipping, we would say they may be taking your money and running with it.


What support are you going to get after your purchase?  We are here for support after your purchase.  We check in with every customer after purchase.  When switching from a manual method of making bath bombs to an automated method is a change.  We have done over 100 different types of test from mixture, humidity, air pressure, brands of ingredients over the years!  

We are also here to help your company grow.  We also offer business advice and information sharing.

We hope this information helps!


Happy Bath Bombing!